I’m here to capture the real stuff.  I’ll help cultivate some special moments, some things to remember.  But, ultimately, I’m 
just here to capture some important moments of your life unfold in front of my camera.  The photos I shoot are about the experience, and the experience definitely isn’t about the photos.  You keep it real, and I’ll keep it real. Capeesh? (FYI, I 
had to look up the spelling of that word + still am unsure about whether I spelled it right)

Hey, I’m Liz.

Photographer based out of Southern California.
More specifically, Long Beach + Bakersfield + OC.
Available everywhere (I mean it).
In love with a bass-playing, music-producing, former-emo-kid hunk (who took this blurry pic of me in Pismo after we’d eaten so many cinnamon rolls).
Choices of words include: rad, stoked, HECK YEAH.
Probably wearing a t-shirt that isn’t mine, a belt that is actually a piece of string, + a black denim jacket.
Capturing the real stuff. Always. 


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